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Auto cutter position adjustment


If a foreign object, such as a push pin or paper clip, drops in the auto cutter and causes the auto cutter to lock up, the printer enters an error state and begins the recovery operation automatically. If the problem is not serious, the auto cutter returns to its normal position without any intervention by the user.

If the auto cutter does not return to its normal position by itself and printer lid cannot be opened, follow the steps below to correct the problem:

  1. Turn Off the printer.
  2. Slide the cutter cover toward the front to open it.1-slide_cover.JPG
  3. Turn the knob until you see a triangle in the opening. This returns the cutter blade to the normal position.2-turn_the_knob.JPG
  4. Install the cutter cover.
  5. Open the printer lid and remove any jammed paper and foreign objects that caused cutter jam.
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